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What is Social Sensei?

Social Sensei is an online service that helps you connect to a wider audience on Instagram.   Grow organically increasing followers, engagement, and sales with Social Sensei’s marketing techniques.  We encourage real Instagram users that actually like the content you post to follow you ensuring you have a strong and loyal follower base.

All you have to do is sign up and we will take care of the rest.  Sit back and relax as you watch your new followers flock to your account.  We have helped our clients gain over 1 million followers organically and are 111% positive we can help your Instagram account grow too.



Easy To Use

Social Sensei is so easy to use that you literally set it and forget it. There are no downloads & you won’t have to learn how to use a new service as our account manager will do all of the work for you.  Sign up & rest easy knowing that our team is taking care of you.

Build Your Audience

There are many other companies that are offering fake followers & likes which do not interact with your profiles and actually end up hurting your engagement in the long run.  At Social Sensei we generate real Instagram followers who engage with your account because they love what you are doing!

Power In Numbers

The benefits of having a massive online following are countless. With Social Sensei we will help you grow your follower base organically. This will allow you to easily spread your message about your lifestyle, brand, product, or cause without having to spend money on expensive ad campaigns.


Our Active Customers
See Massive Growth

Customers who work closely with us and are active in creating content daily see 2x the growth over customers who don’t.

Our strategic services team has extensive experience in Instagram growth strategies. We are ready to help you meet and exceed your growth and engagement objectives.


We have your back with the best support in the industry

Our team is always on standby to ensure that your growth campaign is a success. We constantly update our support center with frequently asked questions and our blog is stacked with advice & tips to help your Instagram grow in conjunction with our service. You can also reach us directly via e-mail 7 days a week. The Social Sensei team will always respond to you within 24 hours, so if you have any issues don’t hesitate to reach out to us as we are happy to assist you.




"I've been pleasantly surprised with the results that Social Sensei was able to deliver.  Engagement & followers are up across the board.  Certainly looking forward to see what the following months bring."

"100% of our clients are from social media so naturally we wanted to try out Social Sensei's service.  We would recommend using Social Sensei to help you procure more clients on Instagram.  It works wonders."


“I’ve kept a close eye on who was following me during the weeks I’ve used Social Sensei.  I can confirm the engagement & conversations were real.  It's great to know that I'm building a loyal audience that loves my videos. All around awesome service!”


“Amazing results within the first week!  I've doubled my followers in a month.  Thank you so much Social Sensei, highly recommended!”


“With the help of Social Sensei's team we went from around 1,000 followers to over 20,000+ followers in a few months.  Couldn't be happier with the service & strategies provided by Social Sensei.”



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